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yeah im back and the newgrounds show is coming SOON...

this is it my computer go rebooted so all the flash's ive done all the pics i have done and even the music is not in my way to get it back so if i ever have to re post something i cant :((

Two new pics

2009-12-05 06:10:10 by UmbreonUniverse

well after a 2 week vacation of work and school because of me being sick I would have at least a pic by now but why not do two check-em out!

Two new pics

Well doing it betta!!!

2009-11-06 19:32:53 by UmbreonUniverse

Im doing the newgronds show 2! and it dose have some better things to it but it will take a while
to make :) well hope you can wait so for now just look at my art work :)


2009-11-01 07:23:32 by UmbreonUniverse

Hey guys i made a pic for TNGS and a song called
super mario bros remix UU
check itz out dawgs XD
im acting black again...shoot me...

Yeah The actual episode is out! no more betas!!!! the actual thing plz rate 10 :)

well newgrouds thought that my idea was lame and there was a billion like of it
so why not make something new the newgrouds show so go on and see the the show
and shut the hell up too

ahhhh rearrangements

2009-10-05 17:10:00 by UmbreonUniverse

Well I said it would be comeing the 15th but it will be much later around the 20th sorry

ahhhh rearrangements


2009-10-04 18:42:16 by UmbreonUniverse

Grubs as you see I posted a Flash with some of the sketches a full episode will be comeing
i think around the 15 th so if your waiting your wait is almost over!